“SHREE UMIYA USA INC.” the leading manufacturer of Healthcare Products, an entrepreneurship and a committed organization has a sincere approach with a foresight and earnest passion to rise and serve, excel and grow, perform and prove, create and nurture. We are intrepid enough to define our place in the world. To dare and dream. To encompass the globe in our field of vision. Freedom inspires ideas and innovative skills nurtures excellence.

Today, as a responsible corporate organization we all have accept the global clarion call for better health for all people on this planet. It is very true, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have!”

The company is now poised at an important milestone. After establishing a glorious past of 25 years, the company is in the process of setting new revised goals and targets for the modern scenario of the 21st century.

We have very enthusiastically decided to diversify and have embarked upon a new project to manufacture and market orthopedic implant products to improve & aid current treatments in orthopedic surgery. We offer comprehensive range of Plate and Screw systems, Nailing systems, Spine systems, Hip replacements, Knee replacements, Trauma implants, Locking plate systems to address a large variety of fracture patterns in many anatomic locations. Further, we have also ventured in the field of manufacturing / marketing the best world-class Tapes & Dressings.

The company genuinely believes that – “Once your sight is set upon your destination, the thirst to precede challenges comes naturally and this same thirst takes you beyond the ordinary”. We thrive upon the same thirst. Everyday we seek to scale a new peak.

We integrate professional management, ethical practices and sophisticated technology for enhanced performance, and trade expertise combined with the proven ability to implement effective solutions with deep proven experience in key sectors / segments all over global regions to serve our, customers’ best needs.

We optimize and customize operations for maximum efficiency for improved customer service. Ergonomics are worked out to achieve the best at minimal inventory cost, so as to offer the best competitive price.

Our most important capital is the perfect synergy of employee competence and the effective use of global know-how through our own R & D research and practical application. We will provide customized solutions with the best of personalized services. Provide excellent opportunities for product enhancement With comprehensive domain expertise we prove to be a niche player.

We have sustained global leadership with vibrant performance driven environment with excellent opportunities for all round growth. We incorporate proven logistic expertise and latest innovative designs before they are apparent.

We have been successful in bringing dependable manufacturing and innovative engineering solutions to our valuable customers. We adhere to strict delivery schedules, and are always to alert to extend prompt and immediate after sales services.

Our sales teams’ precise market evaluation and varied strategic inputs have always helped to meet to fast turnaround deadlines. All manufactured products are inspected for compliance using documented inspection plans.

We also offer a wide range of contract manufacturing services. All the operations are monitored carefully through our quality assurance system.

The export drive has given the company products a quality orientation by exposure to international quality standards of approval & acceptance.

The exports are set to surge manifolds for the liberalization policy adopted by the relevant government bodies all our the world.

We explore the innovative techniques. We incorporate the latest innovations through advanced information technology and the latest modern state-of-the-art infrastructure which enhances the best communication services with our valued customer. The team-work stimulates creativity and expands. The ultimate satisfaction of our client endorses our commitment. We encourage talents, leveraging the same on high-end assignments. We offer apt and efficient solutions to relevant queries if any.